When does the comic Update?

Currently updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Will it ever be printed?

Not as is.  It’s technically impossible.  I hope to one day redoing the whole thing when I’m better.

Why are they all pregnant?

Because they are.  It’s part of the story.  It effects the plot and character relations.   If it were removed the story would be a lot different and we’re not writing that one.

Why are they teenagers. That’s kinda wrong.
Because that’s how old I was when I started it.

What do you use to make the comic?

Currently I pencil on 12×18 paper with guidelines for 11×17 comic art drawn on it like a boss.  With .5 Mechanical pencils.  I ink with Prismacolor pens and sharpies.   Scan into Photoshop and finish up there.

Before the Taco Titan outing I penciled and inked on regular 9×12 sketchbook paper.

Since the beginning I’ve used always used mechanical pencils and sketch pads.  I’ve used MSPaint, Gimp, PaintshopPro and several different versions of Photoshop to save and add text to the pages.